Mind Moments

Everything you need to give a daily dose of wellbeing practice.
REMind Ed™

Mind Moments© prompt cards are the first of their kind. Úna and Denise have developed a 4 step model, grounded in research, to equip and empower everyone with their daily wellbeing. The artwork on this unique product has been created by the talented designer illustrator Kerry Eugenie Prendeville, specifically for REMind Ed™. These 25 prompt cards are printed on high quality card stock and are accompanied by a trifold explanatory insert and beautifully packaged.


Mind Moments© are suitable for use:

  • Across all class levels in Primary School;
  • As a movement break, SPHE stimulus or lesson transition;
  • As prompts in Secondary School e.g. in resource settings or as a movement break, especially at Junior cycle;
  • In any group setting, activities can be used in small or large groups;
  • For health practitioners as a bank of icebreaker activities;
  • As prompts for Play/Art/Music Therapists in a one-to-one setting or in therapeutic groups;
  • At home, activities can be adapted and provide lovely play and wellness prompts;
  • As a bedtime routine, creating a calming ritual for some relaxing time.


We are very proud to say Mind Moments© has been dreamed up, designed and printed in Ireland.


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